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In the privacy and comfort of your own home, Marina will deliver a one-hour personally designed yoga class to meet your needs either in-person or virtually. 

This experience will leave you empowered, energetic, enthusiastic, and ready to take on your life.

Marina is great! I took a few yoga classes in the past and even tried videos, but I was never sure if I was doing the poses correctly. Then, I found and started working privately one-on-one with Marina.

She takes the time to make sure I am doing everything correctly so I can get the greatest benefit from my practice. 

My doctor recommended I take yoga due to injuries and loss of strength and flexibility. Marina works around my injuries and, at my request, focuses on the areas where I need the extra strength and/or flexibility. 

Another huge benefit to having Marina as my private instructor is her motivation. She recognizes what I am capable of and pushes me forward, not allowing me to give up or take the easy way out. After each session, I feel great. 

I definitely recommend Marina!

Tara M.

Do you want to take care of yourself?

Do you want to feel good, get your glow on, and take time for yourself out of a day and focus on feeling right?

Well, then I suggest you contact Marina Mukandala at L.I.F.E. with Marina, as you will get all of this and more. My decision to do so was based upon being holed up over COVID.

I opted for one-on-one sessions with Marina and what a different feeling, outlook, and glow I have about myself and about life every day.

Marina not only is a significant healing source but the workouts bring structure and peace to your life while shaping your body up. Marina is the best one-on-one and I would go nowhere else.

Please take the time to book with her and get it on!

Kathy M.

Private sessions with Marina foster an understanding of purpose and form, allowing me to grow in my yoga practice. Her expertise and teaching talent are invaluable and tailored to meet your individual needs.

I highly recommend giving your life the gift of Marina.

Allison S.

A good friend of mine encouraged me to sign up for yoga to help with some fitness goals I have. Please understand that as much as I like the idea of being in shape, I often quit the process.

I reached out to Marina because I remembered she taught yoga but also because she is Christian. I wanted an in-person instructor because I felt to stay committed & accountable, I need to be physically present.

Well, after experiencing the first virtual L.I.F.E by Marina session, I signed up for 5 virtual private sessions in addition to her regular virtual classes.

I highly recommend Marina. She is patient, knowledgeable, and carries an overall sweet calming spirit that reassures you that you will get there. Yoga is definitely not easy but it is worth every bit of the process. And, for the first time in my fitness journey, I did not quit. Thank you Marina!!

Morgan WB.

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