Private In-Home Yoga

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In the privacy and comfort of your own home, Marina will deliver a private one-hour personally designed yoga class to meet your needs. 

This experience will leave you empowered, energetic, enthusiastic, and ready to take on your life.

Marina is great! I took a few yoga classes in the past and even tried videos, but I was never sure if I was doing the poses correctly. Then, I found and started working privately one-on-one with Marina.

She takes the time to make sure I am doing everything correctly so I can get the greatest benefit from my practice. 

My doctor recommended I take yoga due to injuries and loss of strength and flexibility. Marina works around my injuries and, at my request, focuses on the areas where I need the extra strength and/or flexibility. 

Another huge benefit to having Marina as my private instructor is her motivation. She recognizes what I am capable of and pushes me forward, not allowing me to give up or take the easy way out. After each session, I feel great. 

I definitely recommend Marina!

Tara M.