Perpetual Traffic – How to Get 100’s of Qualified Real Estate Leads

Perpetual Traffic – How to Get 100’s of Qualified Real Estate Leads

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Welcome to the Perpetual Traffic podcast. This is your host, Ralph Burns, and this is the show where we share cutting edge strategies and acquiring leads and sales for your business through traffic by any means necessary. Qasim haslam we have officially changed our perpetual Traffic tagline. How do you feel about it?

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I feel great. I feel like we need to be solution agnostic. There’s no reason to be committed. Ralph that’s the thing about marketers, too, is we’re transient people. We lack all semblance of loyalty.

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I’m married to one thing, my wife, and that’s it. Everything else I can divorce freely. Pretty much paid traffic today. We’re actually going to be talking about real estate. Like, I don’t think we’ve had a real estate person on this show maybe in the history of the entire show. So this is a monumental episode and pretty excited to be able to talk about this because everyone’s talking about AI right now, which is all well and good. Everybody claims to be an expert, by the way. I think it was four or five episodes ago. We touted you, we christened you as the world’s authority on AI. Do you still feel that same way?

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I do. I feel like I’m as qualified as all the other world authorities. Yeah, I think I’ve done just as much work as they have.

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Ralph you can’t scroll your news feed now, especially for us, everybody. I saw a video by Billy Jean yesterday talking about AI. When Billy Jean is doing it, we’ve jumped the shark. Yeah, really?

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What’s funny is that was a great video. His hook was, I’m a conspiracy theorist and I’m just like, dude, you are one of the best marketers who’s ever worked that’s what a great way. And then he’s all, you’re going to be replaced no matter what I will say. There’s a guy I want to give a shout out to. I’ve been watching his YouTube videos. He only has 9000 subscribers, so he’s an up and comer. He was introduced to me by a member of my team, Glenn, and he’s got a YouTube channel called AI Explained. It’s. AI explained. He’s a tutor. He’s an English and math tutor. Turns like AI student. And he’s brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. And again, his videos, like, they’re not getting a ton of views. 12,000 views, 6000 views, 2500 views. But nobody that I’ve seen on YouTube has approached AI from this honest of a perspective. And I think it comes from the fact that he’s a tutor. You feel like you’re just listening to somebody who’s, like, tutoring you on what he’s been able to figure out so far. So for those of you if you feel like the noise is too much to cut through, I don’t know this cat’s name.

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I’m not an affiliate, but I’m a pretty big fan of the way that he’s taught so far. AI dash Explained, can you be an.

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Affiliate for a YouTube channel?

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I see an affiliate for YouTube in general.

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I was much workers as I pushed to YouTube. I think I should be an affiliate for Google, just in general. God knows if you spend enough money with them and Facebook, why not YouTube too?

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The scam on Google, it would be proxying spend. I’ve thought a lot about this. I get three points on my Capital One card, and if I could, I have an insane amount of points. For a while there, we were spending our money in Google and then invoicing the clients, right? And I was getting those three points. The issue with that is the day the client doesn’t pay you, you’re now stuck holding the back. So if there’s a way to like prepad the coffers or whatever, that would.

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Be a good little business that would be pretty good. And then you can say, yeah, I’m 100 million dollar company, when in fact you’re really not. Whatever your percentage of that is, it’s usually the first question that people ask, do you guys like front spend who love the points? Points would be good. Or cash back in your case. Pretty excited here because if you’re a real estate agent, you’re going to be making some cash back on this guest for Perpetual Traffic, none other than Sanitag or Wall. Did I pronounce that correctly? He nailed it rough.

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He should work at Border Patrol.

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And you need the pauses in order to say his name because I know that coming from Thailand for two weeks where I couldn’t pronounce anything, but I can pronounce his name. Agrawal.

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There you go. I just did it. So, Sunique, congratulations for making it past the security guards here at Perpetual Traffic and making it on the show. And do you have a nugget for us as a real estate guy with a sordid past, which we’ll get into in just a second or two, but a nugget for the viewer here on anything that you think is really cool that you’re using right now that’s working well to help your business.

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I’m going to just be really simple and talk about how important it is to be consistent with just your organic. Every day, put some kind of message out that provides value to the marketplace and those things compound. And if you do that every day before even thinking about spending any money, I promise you, you will get results. But commitment is the first step.

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How long do you need to do that every day until you start seeing some of those results. What’s the front end cost?

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The hard cost is just time, right? Yeah.

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Yeah. And I think you could do 5 minutes a day. But man, I’m trying to really think of when it really tipped over. And I feel like it was maybe two months of a real every day, every single day. And then my follower account went from like 12,000 to 50. I had that AI video go viral. It’s not like I made that video to go viral. I just filmed everything and released everything every single day. And then one just hit our three platforms, right?

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Yeah. For us on YouTube, it was 90 days. We shot a video every day for 90 days. And on day 91, like, it was built into the system. All of a sudden we started getting recommended. So that two to three months time frame. I’ve seen that too. Yeah.

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For me, it’s always been my creator Instagram page and my creator Facebook page. I just did another Facebook page that I’m going to try it from for personal brand outside of my organic. You know how that goes. We’re posting to it every day starting yesterday.

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Yeah. We’ll post links to Sunet’s social profiles in the description, in the show notes. It’s worth checking them out because dude, your social content, that’s actually the very first thing that made me want to have you on the show is you crush social. And the thing that I like about yours is and hopefully this doesn’t come across as a backhanded compliment, it feels so authentic. It doesn’t feel overproduced. I don’t feel like you’re trying so hard to make the lighting perfect. This perfect, that, perfect. It’s like you talking about real shit. And I feel like I’m talking to my buddy. Just we’re on a zoom together and the content is always amazing. So that’s the thing that I think really helps people connect with you, too.

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I’m glad that you think it’s authentic. Even when we do put a little bit of effort into the production. Not a lot, a little bit. And it’s taken a while to get there, kasin because at first it was all scripted and the list wasn’t there. So I think we finally figured out the cadence and what we need to do to produce massive amounts of content. Because there’s three other channels, brands, custom that. I guarantee that you don’t see that have content going on every day too.

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When you say post it on your socials, it’s Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. Do you choose which one?

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Everything that we can, we hit TikTok, YouTube, facebook, organic Facebook page, Instagram. My YouTube has never been great, to be honest. I don’t know. We did long form every day for 120 days, but for years ago, costume and we didn’t get shit. But it was all real estate industry though.

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Yeah. The problem so saturated.

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So we still produce close there every day. But those are the main ones that I look at. I’m doing a Twitter strategy right now with Chat GPT that I’m looking to have some of my team implement to see how that goes. But everything that I can right from my phone that I go on, I don’t do Snapchat, but all that stuff.

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Yeah, everything from your phone. So we’re going to be getting into exactly how Sunet drives traffic to grow his business through AI, oddly enough as a means in which to do it. But we’re also going to be talking all things real estate here right after this quick break.

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You’re listening to perpetual traffic.

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You know why most agencies fail in the first 30 days? Well, they don’t do the work beforehand. And they realize once they start managing ad accounts and doing all the things that working alongside businesses like yours in order to get you the results that you want, they waste a whole lot of time in the first 30, 60, 90 days, and they’re fumbling around in the dark. That’s because they have not used what we do over at Tier Eleven, what we refer to as the Strategic Growth plan. Now, a strategic growth plan is a deep dive into what has gone on inside your ad accounts and your business with all the important financial metrics that you need in order to scale and grow. We analyze all that, come up with a plan that’s 30, 60, 90 days out, and then we use that as our game plan. Once we start actively managing ads, once we start doing our creative research, once we start doing all our after the click, extensive tracking on dev. But the plan is the key. And if you have an agency that is failing you right now, it’s probably because they don’t have a plan.

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So get your strategic growth plan over at Tier Eleven, hit the big pink button, fill out the application, and we’ll be in touch with you. How we can help you scale and grow your business through getting more customers and increasing their lifetime value. That’s all we do at Tier Eleven. Head on over to Tier Get your growth plan today.

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Welcome back to Perpetual Traffic. We’re here with my buddy Sunit, who incidentally, is the number one or number two realtor in the state of California. Realty sales team in the state of California, depending on who’s reporting numbers. Sneet. Did I get that right?

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We were number one in 2020, and then we were ranked number two in 21, and 22 will be released this year.

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By the Wall Street Journal. There’s not some crap that you can buy because there’s lots of awards you can buy in real estate.

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The Wall Street Journal says that you’re number one and or number two. So it’s not like Sunetz Yeah, and I just want people to know we didn’t go and get like, the first Realtor whose name is on a bus stop. We got the guy and dude, the state of California is the 8th largest economy in the world. Right.

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I thought it was the fifth.

[00:10:48.420] – Speaker 2

The fifth largest economy in the world. I don’t know. I didn’t go to college. That’s massive. That’s massive. What I want to know, though, is and we talked a little bit about this in the pre role, and it was probably the best pre episode discussion we’ve ever had. Is you telling us how you got into real estate. Can you give us a sense of that story?

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Sure, a sense of the story. I was early on in the medical cannabis space before it was any kind of regulation. Outside of, like, at the local level, there was nothing local either. It was the Wild West. And we worked with the local city government here and paid a bunch of lawyers a bunch of money, a bunch of lobbyists a bunch of money, and really built the framework for how the city of Sacramento still operates, along with taxes that every dispensary pays the state. And we had a great relationship with the city. The state was whatever the federal government, during Obama’s re election, wanted to appear tough on crime. Right. That’s the story that we heard. In order to fight against that, me and three other dispensary owners from the other federal districts in California put a restraining order on the federal government, and it was a marcher move in hindsight, because it only increased the attention on us. And we were rated and had all of our assets seized by the federal government, never put out. And just by proxy, I had to go out of business. I don’t have any money or a car or a computer, so I went out of business.

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And that was a crazy time in my life. Thank goodness that I’ve had the good fortune to not get into any trouble with the federal government. And this led me into just what else can I hustle? And I can hustle houses. Right. Got into real estate.

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Yeah. And you’ve been in real estate for.

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Eight years and yeah, my 6th year in, I think my 9th year anniversary is like, next week, actually. Six years in to real estate, I was already on stages, and that’s when we sold. My sales organization sold the most houses in the state of California.

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Dude, that’s meteoric. I know. People have been real estate for 30 years, hustle and hard, that haven’t done anywhere near smashed everybody out there. Yeah, well, how do you do it? So what’s the trick, specifically from a traffic perspective? Everybody’s listening. They want to know how you get the visibility, how you earn the trust. Give us all the secret sauce.

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Let me tell everybody that this is a completely relevant traffic story because I came into real estate. They said, Call the people in the neighborhood. Call your aunts and shit, see if they want to sell. I said, that sounds really hard. I want to buy some leads. So I went on this lead buying journey. And as you’re on this lead buying journey, you want to create your own leads and save money or find the best cost so you learn more about that. So my team was able to grow so much because I became an expert at leads and lead conversion and lead generation and lead nurturing. And that was really like, the first stages I got on for real estate. We’re talking about that two years in two years as a realtor. It’s relevant, man. That’s traffic. Right. And then that led into you’re more.

[00:14:08.930] – Speaker 2

Of a marketer than you are a real estate guy.

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And now being in real estate space and dominating, i, of course, want to spread that message out and been getting really into the coaching and consulting space. I’ve had great opportunities and hit all the stages. I hit double the stages I wanted to hit last year and just continuing on with traffic to get everything.

[00:14:39.560] – Speaker 2

What’s your favorite traffic source right now?

[00:14:41.930] – Speaker 1

I like my organic Facebook page, man. That’s it crush is perfect. It Crushes. That’s like your email list. Those people love me. They’ll like a picture of my daughter in a crowd outfit. They’ll click on a link to attend some kind of zoom that puts them into something. Right. And that’s the captive audience for me. And I know that they are full of my avatar.

[00:15:08.130] – Speaker 2

Yeah. And you’ve cracked the code on AI more than anybody I know. You’re actually using it in your business day to day. You’re not just like a guru. You’re using it functionally first and then showing people how to use it. Did I get that right?

[00:15:22.390] – Speaker 1

Yeah. We started with Jasper when it first came out, because here’s my approach to real estate marketing. I want to sell every house and I want every agent in the area to work for me easy. I just want 100%. Right. The easiest way, one of the ways to go there is just your impact and your value to the marketplace. Right. I want to be omnipresent. I want every consumer to think of me. I want every agent to think of me 100% omnipresence. I got billboards on the side of the freeway, right? I retarget the hell out of everybody, and I run ads that like, I’m pretty. Everyone that sees me says, Damn, Sony, I see you everywhere. Every person here in Sacramento, people saw me at the gym. I see you on Instagram. People saw me on the flight. I see your billboard. Content marketing is a big way to do that. Content marketing is also very hard to do organically. It’s just what are you going to talk about? Especially me being a hack. So we got into Jasper early on, and I’m a full hack. I guess now I know what I’m talking about after years of being a hack, but I still feel like a hack.

[00:16:27.750] – Speaker 2

It’s funny how that sort of had that transition happens where all of a sudden you’re like, man, I actually know what I’m saying now.

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[00:16:34.250] – Speaker 2

Every entrepreneur goes through that to where you’re just faking it until you make it. And then one day you wake up and you hear yourself talking and you’re like, there’s some confidence here. I should take some of my own advice.

[00:16:43.340] – Speaker 1

I know, right? And just we started using Jasper to help us come up with content ideas. And so we’ve been using it for over two years. Has it been out that long?

[00:16:56.520] – Speaker 2

It’s been out for a minute, yeah.

[00:16:59.810] – Speaker 1


[00:17:00.280] – Speaker 2

Then of course, that’s when it was called Jarvis, right before they got sued. Marvel.

[00:17:04.250] – Speaker 1

Before they got too by. Marvel.

[00:17:05.750] – Speaker 3

Yeah, marvel. Iron Man How do you use it, though? And this is always the question is, you have an idea, you have a seed idea. Correct. Just tell us, like, how you would use it if you were starting today, or how you’re using it right now after you’re using it for quite some.

[00:17:22.990] – Speaker 1

Time to create your content. This is what I used to do and this is why that video went viral. As I would go on YouTube, go on Instagram, see what the other people are talking about, get the script out of there, put it into Jarvis and tell it to rewrite it.

[00:17:38.850] – Speaker 2

And then you have dude, that is I saw that. I posted that video to the driven Mastermind Socks. I was like, this is the smartest thing I’ve ever heard my entire life. I want to repeat it for our listeners. Here’s what you do. You go to your competitors, you find their highest performing videos, capture the transcript, which, by the way, there’s a bunch of AI tools that will give you the transcripts too, or summarize you don’t.

[00:18:00.350] – Speaker 1

Even need to anymore. You can just pull it right from YouTube. Just download the transcript from YouTube.

[00:18:05.330] – Speaker 2

Dude, I didn’t know that you make transcripts available. Do they really?

[00:18:07.680] – Speaker 1

Yeah, I didn’t know that either until that post came out. But yes, go ahead.

[00:18:11.370] – Speaker 2

Yeah, so you pull the transcript, you drop into Jarvis, and then you say, Give me this, but different and better. And now you have your own version of that exact content. So you got a blog, basically. What do you do with the blog? Where do you go with it?

[00:18:24.290] – Speaker 1

And I’ve talked to you about this is in my whole traffic journey, I never focused on, you guys are going to love this. Google, I never knew shit about it. I was always like, Facebook Instagram guy. I was always like, and then buy other leads in the real estate space. So my SEO, we have a lot of content now on those pages. A lot. We used to do a long form video every day, seven days a week, but none of it was really optimized for SEO. So now we’re going backwards and fixing that. So we have a blog with a lot of traffic, with a lot of not with a lot of value. So if we drive people there from Zillow, then we’re creating great value there. Right now I’m really working backwards on fixing that website. I have some people I’m working at, but I drive my billboard traffic to my real estate blog site, so however I can get people there.

[00:19:26.070] – Speaker 2

Dude, that’s brilliant. You drive your billboard traffic to your real estate blog site. So it’s not a conversion page, it’s not a squeeze page. You’re driving them to content.

[00:19:35.430] – Speaker 1

It’s different buttons on there. You probably wouldn’t like it, but it’s not like a one page site, a robust real estate site.

[00:19:43.520] – Speaker 2

No, that’s why I like it. Here’s the mistake everybody makes. Everybody drives people straight to the bottom of the funnel. It never in the history of consumer buying behavior has a human being back when cavemen were trading spears, never has a person started at the bottom of the funnel. That’s why there’s a top of the funnel. And so when you put people in a position to self select what they’re interested in and then to get a little more sophisticated, you remarket according to those interests, which isn’t hard, it’s tedious. You’re marketing in a silo now. Now they’re in your funnel.

[00:20:15.790] – Speaker 1


[00:20:16.270] – Speaker 2

Yeah. Well, that’s what you’re doing, dude, it’s brilliant. And you’ve been doing this for two years.

[00:20:20.570] – Speaker 1

Yeah, dude, we have a lot of content out there. A lot on every platform under multiple different brands. Right? Multiple.

[00:20:29.120] – Speaker 2

And is it all AI generated majority? Is that the genesis of all of it?

[00:20:33.370] – Speaker 1

Yeah. First with Jasper and now it’s so easy. Everyone out there. I hope your whole audience has opened up Chat.

[00:20:43.460] – Speaker 2

Dude, I bet you 20% of people have. I bet you I bet you if you’re one of the 80% of people that hasn’t opened up Chat GPT and just played with it, you’re doing yourself such a massive disservice, you got to just go poke around.

[00:20:56.530] – Speaker 1

I wrote a course from inception to all the marketing bullets, landing page copy, all of it yesterday morning.

[00:21:11.190] – Speaker 2

How long did it take you, start to finish?

[00:21:12.700] – Speaker 1

I got up and hit my vape outside and got a cup of coffee and maybe took a zoom with the instagram for too long. So maybe 3 hours.

[00:21:21.450] – Speaker 2

Yeah. That would have taken you how long without it?

[00:21:23.760] – Speaker 1

Oh, dude, I never would have got it done.

[00:21:25.690] – Speaker 2

It’s weeks worth of work.

[00:21:27.690] – Speaker 1

Never. It’s like you are cutting down the production time to something manageable. You know how it is. Like you just wrote a book.

[00:21:36.750] – Speaker 2

You know how much it frustrates me to have written a damn book? And then AI comes out.

[00:21:42.670] – Speaker 1

I got my book and I’m writing it with GPT right now and sending it to my writer in south rigged Africa, who is incredible. I’m going to have a book in a month.

[00:21:53.570] – Speaker 2

Yeah. That’s the editor is the key there, too. We’re going to have a Morgan from driven Morgan. Just McDonald. She’s going to hop on and give it yeah, the PT listener. Don’t worry, we’ve got somebody coming that’s going to knock the book thing out of the park.

[00:22:06.010] – Speaker 1

I’m definitely going to work with her once I get all the copy done, but she’s amazing. Absolutely. But with the AI, we’ve used it for so long. As soon as I think we were on a driven call and I said, screw it, let me just do an AI course real quick. And we did. And we had 900 people in the real estate space join the webinar, which is a lot. Our conversion was about where it should be and we had a big course, four week course, and it was really good. And I’m seeing the participants of the course actually change their business from what we taught them. And it’s really basic. Make some piece of content every single day. It doesn’t have to be a video. And that’s my whole focus, man. It’s just that’s the only way to get your personal brand out. That’s the only way to be considered a thought leader, especially as a realtor in your local area, you have to be considered the thought leader. You have to be omnipresent. And that’s like my whole focus in any space that I’m in is I want to be seen as a thought leader.

[00:23:11.370] – Speaker 1

And the way you’re going to do that is the content marketing. And the way that you’re going to be able to effectively content market is use the out of chat CPT. Right?

[00:23:20.830] – Speaker 2

Yeah. That’s the other piece, too. So from a thought leadership perspective, how deep are you diving? Are you like, these are the builders, this is the commute path, this is the direction. Where are you going from a real estate perspective?

[00:23:31.010] – Speaker 1

My marketing guy does it from the real estate. I’m always focused on coaching leads and being considered a thought leader for the recruiting because I know one house is only going to make me a couple of bucks. 100 agents is going to make me a couple of bucks times 100, right? So my focus in my real estate space is to have all the agents buy property. If you have all the agents custom, then you’re going to sell all the houses.

[00:23:53.690] – Speaker 2

That’s brilliant, right? That’s something that’s worth meditating on, too, no matter what business you’re in, lifting yourself out of the competitive ecosystem of that business and instead becoming the hub to the spokes, you can do that with a lot of things.

[00:24:09.840] – Speaker 1

I don’t know who my competition is for selling houses. I don’t give a shit. Right. I want every agent in this market to work for being in some capacity. And the way to get there is through thought leadership, is not through spending money on traffic. What are you going to do? Blast everybody harder than I already am?

[00:24:27.270] – Speaker 2


[00:24:28.040] – Speaker 1

What do you think so.

[00:24:29.340] – Speaker 3

There are, what, 3 million plus real estate agents have real estate licenses in the US. The average income is $12.25, 30 grand, something like that, on average. Obviously, you have a very large stretch between the two, but so many I don’t get this right. In fact, my next door neighbor is a real estate agent. She does well. My sister in law is a real estate agent. She does pretty well. But neither one of them do a lot on their socials where do real estate agents go wrong? They both do well, but their presence is not like your presence is it just that simple. Like, just put something out that’s helpful, useful.

[00:25:16.570] – Speaker 1

Let me tell you where so many agents can get hung up. If they’re on social media and they scroll on their feed and all they see is realtors posting stupid stuff, that’s super annoying. That’s what the typical agent that’s their big hesitation when it comes to posting, is. They say that’s all I see And I tell them, look, you’re the one that’s friends with all the Realtors. Your typical consumer knows, like, two or three, so that fear of being somebody else in the feed should go away right off the top. And now yes, got it. Like post value. How do you find out what’s valuable? Go in and chat GPT and write. What do consumers think is valuable from a real estate agent?

[00:26:01.170] – Speaker 3

How much is your house worth? That’s what everybody like. That’s all they can think of.

[00:26:06.300] – Speaker 1

How do you get it too? That’s all I see, is the typical lead magnets. In real estate, lead gen are a list of houses for buyers and how much is your house worth for sellers? And if you try to do anything with those, especially with the sellers, and even buyers like you can’t compete with Zillow and, they’re smashing you. So what else can you create at a hyper local level that they can’t right? Or what other kind of lead magnets can you create that they don’t have and people never see past this? I’m a look. Create a buying guide. Create a neighborhood guide. I have a list of all these lead magnets, probably right here, but fall Buying Guide or how to Fix Your Credit House Selling. Checklist it’s on and on. They’re on my course, by the way, if you guys want the details on that. But if you create that those are lead magnets that I even think organically will get people into the funnel. Besides that, how do you provide value to the marketplace as a Realtor? Write an article. Have Chat GPT write an article about local stuff, restaurants, events, park sites, and people see value in that, and the big companies won’t be able to compete.

[00:27:31.630] – Speaker 3

So most of the stuff that I see on your blog, we’ll leave links in the show notes for. This is advice to other real estate agents, which obviously you have a vested interest in that because it sounds like you have courses that you sell to real estate agents. So if I look at your stuff right now, a lot of it is related to that. But taking that aside, if a real estate agent is listening to the show here and it’s like, all I want is I want more listings, all I want is more cobroke opportunities. All I want is it just that simple. Pick a location, pick a geolocation. I know you’re in Sacramento, obviously, pretty big metropolitan area, but for Sagamore Beach. I live in Sagamore Beach. So there’s probably five real estate agents here. They’re all competing against each other and they all do the same thing. Look at this lovely four bedroom over on Williston Avenue. And that’s great. I know that house is for sale, but I’m not in the market to buy. So I look at it as a marketer. I’m like, this is no value to me. Like, where do you start there?

[00:28:37.130] – Speaker 3

How do you differentiate?

[00:28:38.410] – Speaker 1

So go to my real estate site, Ralph. It’s Sellnow nine one six. We have several websites, actually, but this is the one that we spend the most energy on. Sell now 9116 dot and it’ll show you some of the blogs that we are posting right now. Let me see what we’ve done recently. Like, here’s something. Create a neighborhood guide for every neighborhood that you serve. Make that have Chat GPT, write it with your input. Don’t just copy and paste from Chat GPT, but have it give you the framework and the stats. Right? If you go to our blog on this page and upgrade because nuts.

[00:29:18.700] – Speaker 2

Can I just interrupt you real quick because this is unfriendly believable to me. So I live in Scottsdale Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s a cool community. It’s built on a man made lake. It’s got all these features I just typed in right now to Chat GPT, create a neighborhood guide for Scott Ranch. And oh my God, what it knows about this little teeny tiny community. Scott Ranch is a beautiful, well established neighborhood located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s situated over 1100 acres and features a mix of single family homes, town homes, and condos. Yeah, here are some of the top things to do. They’ve got the Scottsdale Ranch park and tennis center. This 42 acre park features it blah, blah, blah, blah. Go from McDowell Mountain, Sonora Preserve. Enjoy the water. Lake Serena is a man made lake. Dine in and out like dude, shop at the Mercado, relax at the spa, play golf. I am shocked that it was able to access that much information about my little teeny tiny chip pot like nobody knows about. And it took me 7 seconds. And I could take every community in Scottsdale and I could have more content on Scottsdale than any other realtor on the planet.

[00:30:12.970] – Speaker 2

And if I’m packaging it well and I’m making myself visible enough, I just became the global authority on Scottsdale Realty in a day.

[00:30:19.140] – Speaker 1

Yes. You could write a blog about best elementary schools in Scottsdale Ranch. Best middle schools in Scottsdale Ranch, best high schools in Scottsdale Ranch, best trade schools, best preschools. Having that content, I think is great value. As far as having it rank, that’s where I look to you guys. But you could have that value and have it out in the market. Whether or not it ranks, you’re creating value for somebody.

[00:30:48.530] – Speaker 2

This is such a great instagram like carousel slider. I just typed in what are the best elementary schools near Scottsdale Ranch. And it says there are several highly rated elementary schools. Here they are. And then it gave me six.

[00:31:01.410] – Speaker 1

Say, write me a carousel about the best schools in Scottsdale Ranches. You’ll write it.

[00:31:06.550] – Speaker 3

I think we’re getting it here. We’re going to leave links in the show notes here as well. And you do this on all featured communities inside Sacramento. Obviously, Sacramento is big, but people really don’t necessarily search by city. They search by neighborhood a bit. And let’s get into that strategy. Maybe we’ve even cracked the code a little bit on that with AI. Let the dogs out here right after this quick break. You know why most agencies fail in the first 30 days? Well, they don’t do the work beforehand. And they realize once they start managing ad accounts and doing all the things that working alongside businesses like yours in order to get you the results that you want, they waste a whole lot of time in the first 30, 60, 90 days, and they’re fumbling around in the dark. That’s because they have not used what we do over at Tier Eleven, what we refer to as the Strategic Growth Plan. Now, a strategic growth plan is a deep dive into what has gone on inside your ad accounts and your business with all the important financial metrics that you need in order to scale and grow.

[00:32:17.470] – Speaker 3

We analyze all that, come up with a plan that’s 30, 60, 90 days out, and then we use that as our game plan. Once we start actively managing ads, once we start doing our creative research, once we start doing all our after the click, extensive tracking on dev. But the plan is the key. And if you have an agency that is failing you right now, it’s probably because they don’t have a plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So get your strategic growth plan over at Tier Eleven, hit the big pink button, fill out the application, and we’ll be in touch with you how we can help you scale and grow your business through getting more customers and increasing their lifetime value. That’s all we do at Tier Eleven. Head on over to Tier, get your growth plan today. All right, so we are back and we are talking real estate leads, buyers, sellers. If you’re a real. Estate agent. This is definitely the show. If you’re not using Chat Tpt, we just did our search for a customs neighborhood on helpful, useful content to be able to be created for specific neighborhoods.

[00:33:23.020] – Speaker 3

And correct me if I’m wrong, you’re covering Sacramento. Obviously it’s a big municipality, but really people buy in neighborhoods and like subsections of towns. Like, for example, I live in the town of Born here in Cape Cod. I think there’s 14 villages, but then inside each one of those villages, there’s individual neighborhoods. If you are really going to be specializing and like I said, there’s Sagamore Beach Realtors, there’s Bondale Realtors. If you really want to specialize in niche down, how would you do it with content? Is it just that simple? Talking about what we talked about before using Chat GPT, is there more to it? Create buying guides, create lead magnets. How would you go about doing it.

[00:34:01.490] – Speaker 2

If you’re just starting, if you were.

[00:34:03.380] – Speaker 1

In just one community? If I wanted to focus on one community, it’s been a while since I’ve done that because I want full market domination. But I would really get the hyper. Localness is going to help, like you said, for what people are looking for. So talk about the best how to in every single place and get those lists and get that content out, get it made, get it shared, make it organic, post it on your social film videos. There was a while we would create a script with GPT, we would make a video, then we’d run the script back through and have it be a blog. And we would just double up the content that we were making. Just simple stuff like that. And if you were just the local guide, just the consistency of the action is how you win. It doesn’t even need to be fancy, create and share, only to provide value to the marketplace.

[00:35:07.730] – Speaker 2

And the way to do this and personalize it is use Chat GPT for ideation. But then it’s you in the video and you’re going to put it in your own words. And the other thing that I want to do is I want to zoom out here for a listener. If you’re not in real estate, this still applies. I’m a Google Ads agency. So I went to Chat GPT and said, what are Google Ad best practice is for veterinarians? And it gave me Google Ads best practices just for veterinarians. I could do a Google Ad how to guide for literally every industry in the world. And I could probably do that in a weekend because of how quick this thing helps with ideation. So no matter what industry you’re in, what your product or service, this concept of niching down from a content perspective and providing hypervalue on a per niche basis, this is the way you establish authority. And that’s a hard thing to compete with. I know Chat GPT makes it easier, but once you’ve built this library of content. Dude, it’d be impossible for somebody to catch up to you at this point.

[00:36:00.150] – Speaker 2

I have to imagine absolutely.

[00:36:02.050] – Speaker 1

On the coaching space and the real estate content space. And we came up really fast. I was like two, three years ago, my content game was weak, and I said, I told my coach, I’m going to crush everybody content. And now I’m on stage just talking about content. Now I’m doing courses, talking about content. Right. So this application and the consistency for the listeners, that is everything. Do the damn hard, boring stuff.

[00:36:34.190] – Speaker 3

That’s just a video. Would you do a video? Like, a lot of people are not good on video, so there are apps you can use, like the Teleprompter for video app, like that kind of thing. Would you use stuff like that if you were a little bit on the reluctant side to be in front of the camera? Or obviously you’ve been doing this a while now. Would you even recommend that kind of stuff? Because I think as a real estate agent, a real estate agent thinks, all right, well, I’ll post something or I’ll put something on my blog, and then I’ll never get ranked in Google for it. I just did Fair Oaks Homes for Sale off your real estate blog. And it doesn’t rank anywhere. I’m still scrolling, but I’ll guarantee you I was scrolling a while there. But I’ll guarantee you if you post that on Instagram or Facebook, you’re going to be getting more play. As long as there’s a personalization to it, don’t worry about the rankings, because you are ranking. It seems fairly hard to get a real estate blog to rank for SEO, but that’s not the point here.

[00:37:36.150] – Speaker 3

Although I’m sure you would love it if you could. We’ll definitely hook you up with Michael Cotton, who was on the show a few weeks ago. But the point is, it just that, should you script it out? What’s the form of content?

[00:37:48.230] – Speaker 1

Dude, great question. And let me tell you exactly what we do now. I show up once a month. The Teleprompter is ready to go. We do one take, and I read all the content for the real estate specific stuff, and I leave once a month.

[00:38:02.400] – Speaker 2

For how long? A couple hours, 2 hours.

[00:38:04.960] – Speaker 1

I don’t even look at the script anymore. However, if I was starting out get your scripts. You guys want ideas for scripts? Go to sell now. Nine one And just copy mine. For your local market, you’re welcome. Go to and just copy mine. Run them through chat GPT. Right? Get the podcaster app on your cell phone. $99 on Amazon. I need an affiliate on that stuff. I’ve been selling the hell out of it.

[00:38:36.370] – Speaker 2

But there’s so many tools like that. I’m like, I’ve made you so rich. I have put you on the map.

[00:38:41.040] – Speaker 1

And you owe me. And just read it. Go send to a VA to do the editing and deploy. That’s the one thing about the Chat GPT, it’s cut down massively on the creativity that lift, and it allows you to deploy ten times faster. This AI band, like, we were talking about writing courses or email structures, like, there’s no reason to not produce.

[00:39:05.830] – Speaker 2

What other AI tools are you using? Is it really just Chat Gbt or do you have some favorites?

[00:39:09.880] – Speaker 1

I just use we have I’ve tried making ad creatives with Mid Journey. I don’t like any of the outputs, so I think a stupid picture of my face would normally do better than some Mid Journey created something.

[00:39:25.500] – Speaker 2

Have you tried uploading your image into Mid Journey and asking it to modify?

[00:39:29.740] – Speaker 1

Okay, yes. I don’t like it.

[00:39:33.510] – Speaker 2

To be frank and egg on my face, I’ve played with Mid Journey a ton because it’s addicting. I haven’t used it for anything functional at all. I haven’t even tried.

[00:39:41.530] – Speaker 1

I haven’t tried. I put money behind it. We tried, like, me and my daughter sat there, take a bunch of pictures of her on Christmas and kept on uploading them in and all of them were like crap.

[00:39:53.310] – Speaker 3

I found that to be the case.

[00:39:54.850] – Speaker 1

Picturey AI. I like for little filler videos where you can take a script from Chat GPT, load it into Picturey AI and it’ll make a video.

[00:40:06.400] – Speaker 2

How do you spell picture?

[00:40:07.560] – Speaker 1

Is that P-I-C-T-O-R-Y? Is that the right word?

[00:40:11.970] – Speaker 2

Yeah, I got it here.

[00:40:12.850] – Speaker 3

As in like, victory.

[00:40:14.860] – Speaker 1

Yeah, but here’s the thing is, those videos are cool, but they’re not really exciting. I guess you’d have to do a lot of jump cuts in that to make it exciting.

[00:40:24.310] – Speaker 2

That’s in the pipe, right? An AI driven editor that can just take every Alex Hormone video ever made and learn what he does. And then you pipe in your raw materials and it just does that. That’s two weeks away.

[00:40:35.560] – Speaker 1

Yeah, you’re right. This app might actually be it.

[00:40:40.720] – Speaker 2


[00:40:41.330] – Speaker 1

I like originality AI to just make sure that the content is original. It’s AI detection software where people get your course.

[00:40:52.450] – Speaker 2

Like the course that you’re selling. Is that available publicly?

[00:40:55.670] – Speaker 1

Aipowered agent hector. Yeah, hector scratched all that.

[00:41:01.890] – Speaker 3

Hector. Hector. Start that over again.

[00:41:05.430] – Speaker 1

Aipowered is our website for the course right now. We had version one, version two launches next week, which is the middle of March. Not sure when this comes out, but it will be available for recordings to purchase. And it’s really just my step by step framework on how I’m able to achieve market dominance and omnipresence in my marketplace. Using chat GPT. Down to writing a copy for Facebook ads, to high converting emails to recruit.

[00:41:43.170] – Speaker 3

We’ll leave links in all the show notes here. I think a picture is a post is worth 1000 words if we link all the materials that we talk about here on today’s show over at Perpetual for this episode. I think you’ll have a treasure trove if you’re a real estate agent and no excuses. Really? There is no excuses at this point.

[00:42:04.390] – Speaker 1

Do you make money?

[00:42:06.030] – Speaker 3

It’s just a matter of time. And so you are doing it, especially in your space. And this is totally cutting edge. So if you were doing just anything non AI manually, it’s crazy to me and it can just be done by an investment in time. And you go into any real estate office, quite honestly, you’re just sitting around 20.

[00:42:28.720] – Speaker 1

As a leader of a big real estate organization, I have been pleading with my agents, hundreds and hundreds of agents, to post frigging pictures of their cat once a day, every time they walk into a house, take a freaking picture. I’ve been begging people to do that for years. But hey, that’s why I’ll be number one, I guess.

[00:42:49.190] – Speaker 3

So, yeah. What is the reluctance anyway? Is it that oh, it’s the fear of perfection I can’t quite get around. I used to sort of be that way too. Now we produce like a ton of content.

[00:43:01.610] – Speaker 2

Dude, that’s what it is. Yes. It’s vulnerability. I don’t know. This is going to get real weird real quick, but have you all read that Daring Greatly by Bernard Brown?

[00:43:09.230] – Speaker 1

I’ve never read any of the books that you’ve read. Yes.

[00:43:12.430] – Speaker 2

So here’s the thing, too. It touchy feely city. It’s going to make you cry. You’re going to need to light some candles, have a bottle of wine ready. Bernet Brown, I think, is one of the most important voices in self help. And she wrote this book called Daring Greatly. And she calls vulnerability life’s great dare. And it’s the hardest thing that you can do is to be vulnerable. And social content that performs is vulnerable content. You’re putting yourself out there. Even if it’s about business, you’re putting yourself out there. And I think people have and they don’t phrase it this way, they say different things like, oh, I’m a perfectionist or I’m not ready, or I want to wait until I can be consistent. Dude, I think doing a podcast, even doing a podcast interview, doing a YouTube channel, doing an Instagram reel, you are so vulnerable. You’re so out there and do I see it myself? We have 22,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel. 21,995. Love me, but there’s five that say mean stuff to me sometimes and bro, it like it ruins my weekend. Like I’m just sitting there obsessing over the fact that anonymous poster 651 says that I my voice is annoying or I look funny or somebody called me a feminine or whatever and it just ruins my day.

[00:44:17.350] – Speaker 2

And maybe you’re a sociopath if it doesn’t. So I think that being vulnerable is man, it’s hard. And being vulnerable in a public forum where you can’t see the way that people respond and if people acknowledge that, maybe that alone is enough to put them over the hump just a little bit. Go out there, be vulnerable, take the plunge. Produce content and what you’ll find, or what I found in Sunit. I’m sure what you found and Ralph, what I know you found is 99% of people are so supportive. It’s just not simple. Great job. Keep going. Love it. This is fire. You’re awesome. And a couple of those adeboys. That’s what it took for me. I have the sad, pathetic personality trait that really likes attention and validation, and I got it. I got it. Producing content and helping people out and flash forward.

[00:44:56.080] – Speaker 1

Here’s where we are. People, too, have so much focus on freaking vanity metrics that it’s just eat them alive. And they don’t understand the true reach or impressions of anything that they do organically to know about the real effect when they’re focused on the vanity metrics of likes and comments.

[00:45:18.470] – Speaker 2

Yeah, this is funny, too, is when people are like, oh, this only got 30 likes. I’m like that’s. 30 humans. That’s 30 bank accounts, 30 mortgages, 30 families, 30 connections, 30 souls. You know what I mean? 60 moms and dads probably I don’t know what? 120 children and grandchildren. That’s 30 real people. Stop downplaying yourself. I hate that when I talk to people who just started their YouTube channel, oh, I only got 18 views. How about, man, 18 people. Watch this. How hard is it to get 18 people in a room at a seminar? You know what I mean? Like, how hard is it to get 18 people in a room to listen to you talk about anything? You got 18 views.

[00:45:54.220] – Speaker 1

That’s amazing.

[00:45:55.650] – Speaker 2


[00:45:56.050] – Speaker 3

And real estate agents, it is personal brand above all, if you’re like, oh, I don’t want to put myself out there. You are a brand. Coldwell Banker is not you. They don’t buy from Coldwell Banker. They buy from you. So how you are, and you’re going to repel as many people as you attract, I always say. But it’s not necessarily the case. People will eventually the algorithm will work to your favor at a certain point, and you got to start somewhere. And I think people are embarrassed when they do start putting themselves out there. And brene Brown aside, it’s like when you get three views, and then all of a sudden, it turns to ten views or 20 views or 72 views. Like, we started a TikTok Channel six, three months ago. Three, four months ago. It’s like our first ones are now, like, 400,000 views we have. But they started as, like, one, two, or three. Nobody know who we are on TikTok Point is, like, you just do it, and you do it consistently and more than once a day. All of a sudden, magnifies it even more. I’m just getting people to do it once a day through what you’re saying, Sony.

[00:47:01.930] – Speaker 3

But once you start to get it, you’re like, Holy crap. That’s a real feedback loop. And most real estate agents are really serving small subsets of communities anyway. So even if you reach, isn’t that like 100 people?

[00:47:16.890] – Speaker 1

That’s still a lot, dude, 100%.

[00:47:19.280] – Speaker 3

You know what I mean?

[00:47:20.530] – Speaker 1

Yeah. On my organic right now, that’s a hard pace sometimes.

[00:47:28.270] – Speaker 2

Yeah, but dude, that removes the needle. That removes the needle. Were you there, Sunit, for the talk that Carl White is the axis of freedom? Wouldn’t that fire? Ralph, we got to have Carl on. First of all, this guy apologized, I.

[00:47:41.750] – Speaker 1

Don’T know what, 7 minutes for being.

[00:47:43.190] – Speaker 2

The most successful guy in the room. Yeah, it was unbelievable. He’s like, I know. I’m so sorry that I’m speaking, by the way. But then he tells you what he’s accomplished, and he’s like, well, you are the wealthiest, most successful human on this call right now. But he walks through the axis of freedom, which I don’t want to steal the thunder of it, because I’d love to have him on the show to explain, but what I’ll do maybe is tease the ending and that he helps people identify the thing that makes them the most money. And what he has found is most people spend very little time doing that thing, oftentimes once or twice a month. And so let’s go find the thing that makes you the most money. And by the way, most people don’t know. I didn’t I didn’t know right out of the gate. But when you meditate on it, you look at your calendar, look at your bank account, look at everything, and you realize the activities that lead to making the most money. Sin nailed it. He says, I’m in recruiting, dude. And then that gets meta. So it’s like, all right, well, what gets you the most return on recruiting?

[00:48:33.690] – Speaker 2

And then sunset content creation. So Carl helps you walk through this thought process of what makes me the most money, and then he’ll do that every day. And you can cut down 80% of your work. You could have the shortest work day, but the most functional work day, because you’re doing the thing that makes you the most money every single damn day. And so if posting three times a day is it yeah. Is that grueling? Sure. But if that means you don’t have.

[00:48:51.240] – Speaker 1

To do other stuff, it’s grueling if you’re a cry baby, right? Like youth chat, GPT, sit down with your coffee, just write the post for the day. Like, I have I’m looking at posts right here on the other side of the screen. I got carousels being made by VAS right now to post after this, right? Like, I got my videos. I have probably a year’s worth of video content. I could post that’s.

[00:49:17.270] – Speaker 2

The other thing is, this yields this gives way to a system. In the beginning, it’s grueling, and it’s hard because you’re going to have to do it all yourself and figure it out and figure out what works for you. And how it works. But then as you start to figure out what works, building a system around it. And now I have this writer, this editor, this VA, this designer, and it’s starts to run without you. That’s when it really picks up steam. And I think that’s true for all things in business. In the beginning, the entrepreneur picks up the boulder, throws it on our back, and we march up the hill. And over time we start to realize, okay, I take this path in this way, I step this way, I hold it this way, and now I can offload part of this boulder to you. And then slowly but surely, we end up not holding a boulder.

[00:49:54.980] – Speaker 1

Dude, we have these like four different Monday boards that we use. They’re just loaded. I can go find something to post on any topic. Long form, short form, carousel, photo, anytime.

[00:50:08.690] – Speaker 2

That’s badass.

[00:50:09.820] – Speaker 3

Yeah, just start it, handcraft it, systemize it later, but at least do it.

[00:50:15.510] – Speaker 2

Start it.

[00:50:15.830] – Speaker 3

I think that’s the biggest start.

[00:50:18.870] – Speaker 1

The consistency and volume so good will beat quality in the beginning. And you’re not going to get quality until you have the consistency of the volume to have an experience. So you have to start and you have to start making bad shit.

[00:50:31.750] – Speaker 2

So funny. I’m looking at your website, by the way. I just want to tell you I didn’t realize how big a badass you were, I think until right now. I’m on $1.5 billion sold more than that last year. 97% sold for their asking price. Ranked the number one fastest growing real estate company in America. Ranked number two mega team in California by Wall Street Journal. Not a small publication like bro, you are crushing life.

[00:50:58.500] – Speaker 1

What do you think of that blog site?

[00:51:00.530] – Speaker 2

Was this written by AI?

[00:51:02.330] – Speaker 1

A lot of it, yeah.

[00:51:03.740] – Speaker 2

Stop it. No way.

[00:51:07.030] – Speaker 3

I just want to see more videos with the guitars. That’s all I want. I’m sure they’re out there somewhere.

[00:51:12.870] – Speaker 1

Made it sound good. That’s right.

[00:51:17.020] – Speaker 3

Off for safewall. Pretty darn good. Once again, where can people find you if you’re real estate agent especially, or if you want to buy a house? And so where can they find you?

[00:51:27.040] – Speaker 1

Go to Sunita Aguilar. It has links to you want to buy a house, you want to refinance, you want to do property management, or you want to join my team, you want to read my blog, you want to buy a course. Instagram is also good. And my Instagram name, I always forget it. So I’m going to look at my phone. It’s Sunitarwall. Nine, one six.

[00:51:51.810] – Speaker 2

We’ll leave links to all that in the show notes. If you’re listening. Sunita and I have the same problem, which is just too many vowels and not enough constants. It’s hard to figure out.

[00:52:01.090] – Speaker 3

A lot of neat. Actually, not as many. Yeah, on, but we will leave.

[00:52:06.860] – Speaker 2

You know what’s funny to me is when people correct me on the pronunciation of my name. This happens to me all the time. I swear to God, at least once a week, I’ll introduce myself.

[00:52:13.790] – Speaker 1


[00:52:14.090] – Speaker 2

My name is Kasum. What is it?

[00:52:14.990] – Speaker 1


[00:52:15.230] – Speaker 2

What is it? Costume? How do you spell it? K-A-S-I-M-O. Kaseem. And I’m like, no. I would have said that then, if that’s the way you think. 40 years into my life, you’re helping me discover something that I didn’t know.

[00:52:27.680] – Speaker 1


[00:52:28.690] – Speaker 3

Let me repronunciate your name for you.

[00:52:30.670] – Speaker 1

So we’re going to leave all the.

[00:52:31.500] – Speaker 3

Links in the show notes for you all. And this is absolute gold here. I know we talked a bit about AI. AI is just really is the power behind the concept. The concept is post early, post often, and forget being self conscious about this sort of stuff. You just got to put yourself out there, be vulnerable, leave and leave links for that Bernade Brown book.

[00:52:53.350] – Speaker 2

Dude, that’s such a good book. You want to talk about some healing that will happen if you read that thing.

[00:52:58.140] – Speaker 1

I got this one still.

[00:52:59.440] – Speaker 2

Oh, Jason flatlin. One too many. That’s so funny.

[00:53:04.890] – Speaker 3

Dare to leave this person a favorite of mine.

[00:53:07.310] – Speaker 2

That might be the opposite of Bernade’s book.

[00:53:10.730] – Speaker 3

It’s the anti brine Brown Book man. All right, well, subscribe and leave a rating wherever you are listening to the show here, we read all of those and they do matter. Help get more marketers out there. Understand what we’re trying to do here at Perpetual Traffic, which is help scale and grow your business. If you’re a real estate agent, this is a must list and listen to it again, like I said, we’ll leave all the links over in the show Let us know what we can do better as well, if you feel so inclined. Perpetualtraffic Combetter. And you can follow me on LinkedIn and Kasum over at Twitter at Kasum. We’ll go back and listen to previous episodes. And like I said, I’ve got a list of links here because there’s so many helpful, useful links from today’s show. Sunet, thank you so much for coming on, on behalf of my awesome co host, Kasam Oslam.

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Until next show. See you.

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